Vell Executive Search

About Vell

What Makes Us Different

We understand that our clients judge us by the caliber of candidates we help them recruit and how they fit into the existing team structure. You'll appreciate the speed of our searches and the constant two-way communication during your search. Here's some of what you'll discover as the Vell Executive Search difference:

  • Our consultants are experts in the software industry, through operational, executive search and technical credentials.

Our software executive search experience combines the know-how of the world class retained executive search firms with the speed and dedication of the boutiques. All our consultants have had extensive experience at senior levels in both environments.

Our software operational experience spans sales, general management and engineering roles in industry leaders such as the IBM Software Group.

Our deep software technical credentials include: degrees in computer science, MBA, seven worldwide patents, and numerous technical and executive search thought leadership articles and presentations.

  • We spend more time.

Our senior consultants are veterans of leading search firms and of boutique firms. But at Vell, they earn more working on fewer searches. That means they have more time and attention to focus on your search.

  • We hold comprehensive investigative meetings with hiring executives.

We meet with hiring executives to conduct extensive questionnaires. We can spend an entire day on-site interviewing the executive team and relevant board members. This helps us uncover and resolve conflicts, get a fix on the corporate culture, and walk the team through a core competency framework to ensure we surface all candidate requirements. By taking extra time up front to learn about your needs, we ensure the right candidate to meet your company's unique needs.

  • We conduct behavioral interviews of candidates.

Resumes can look impressive. Background checks can be sterling. But we don't stop there. We know your time is valuable. That's why we conduct behavioral interviewing to ensure potential conflicts are surfaced before we present candidates.

  • We offer tight coordination with your hiring executives.

Your regular involvement in the search process is critical to its success. We need you to understand where the search is and give feedback as we develop a pipeline of candidates. As you help calibrate the search, you get calibrated to what the market has to offer and also help us eliminate any possible challenges or roadblocks that may arise. And we strive to respond to questions within four hours, 24/7.

  • We conduct deeper reference checking.

Our extensive network of senior executives enables us to check blind references to reduce the risk of post-hire surprises.

  • We conduct speedy negotiations.

Understanding that a candidate may have several offers on the table, we have developed a process to ensure that compensation issues are addressed early and effectively.

  • We deliver a broader pool of available candidates - no hidden relationships

You get first dibs on all candidates because we do not take competing parallel searches. We can also recruit from the companies you are targeting, because we do not have any significant off-limits or "hidden" relationships that prevent us from approaching these candidates.

Vell Executive Search is a certified WBE by NWBOC and SOMWBA.