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Vell Executive Search has developed workshops designed to educate leadership teams about the process of interviewing and reference checking. Our goal is to make you more effective at candidate assessment and screening. Training includes:

  • Interview Workshop
  • Reference Checking Workshop

Vell Executive Search founder Dora Vell often speaks at conferences and offers presentations on topics such as:

  • The Characteristics of Successful Technology CEOs: Not unexpectedly, technology companies differ from other companies in many significant ways-as do the CEOs that lead them. In this session, Ms. Vell will closely examine a number of key characteristics of tech CEOs, such as education and age and career background, and correlate them to executive performance. She’ll also discuss what significance, if any, factors, such as a CEO’s tenure and whether they were internally promoted or externally recruited, play in their ability to effectively drive their company. Ms. Vell will answer the questions boards seeking exceptional CEOs want to know-what functional and industry backgrounds lead to better success? Is prior CEO or GM experience an asset? Are Ivy Leaguers really in a league of their own? Is a background in the world of VC or private equity funding superior to others? Boards and nominating committees will learn what to evaluate when appointing or replacing CEOs.
  • Building a Board of Directors as a Strategic Weapon: Behind every successful, fast-growth software company is a board built for profitability. We all know that Microsoft wasn't always a Fortune 50, IBM wasn’t always a multinational company and Oracle didn't always dominate the database market-innovation is a huge factor in the success of these and other software behemoths, but leadership and guidance are too. In this session, Vell will walk through the board composition of some of today’s highest performing technology companies*. She’ll provide valuable insight into how to build a powerhouse board from an existing board or from the ground up, covering fundamental aspects of effectual boards and delving into key attributes board members of these companies possess. She will also emphasize the value of having a formal process in place for finding the right board candidates, and offer advice on how to attract them, recruit them and evaluate them.
  • CEO Succession Planning - Top Ten Succession Planning Pitfalls: Never before have boards been under such pressure to get CEO appointments right the first time; the financial crisis has demonstrated how swiftly regulators can act to remove CEOs when they feel mismanagement is at play. Doing things right is no longer enough. Vigilance and attention to detail are crucial. For example, there are many ways that exiting CEOs can keep a stranglehold on their companies, or a board member can hold back the best candidate for the job. Ms. Vell will walk through the top ten succession planning pitfalls. She will draw from real world situations where the devil really was in the detail and affected CEO selection. Many nominating committees know the correct steps to find the right CEO, but leave these important factors up to chance.
  • Getting on "Board" - Practical Tips for Getting Noticed and Getting Selected: Joining this once exclusive club is more achievable than ever before because the functional, industry and diversity backgrounds needed to serve are rapidly evolving. The role of the board member is no longer reserved for seasoned CEOs and company presidents. While there are certain characteristics of eligibility that remain paramount, understanding the board search process, which significantly differs from the executive search process, is also critical to getting selected. Drawing from real-life examples, Ms. Vell will reveal what core competencies one must focus on, from skills and personal attributes perspectives. She will also divulge the specific steps attendees can take to increase their odds of being sought after and selected to serve on a board of directors, and provide them with concrete advice on how to conduct due diligence on prospective companies.
  • Negotiating Your Worth-Maximizing Your Next Compensation Package: You get what you negotiate, not what you deserve. Negotiation starts before you even put together your CV or attend your first meeting with a potential employer. By the time you actually negotiate your package, 90% of it is already pre-determined. It is a subtle and complex art that consists of much more than "dollar talk." In this session, Ms. Vell will advise attendees how to represent their own best interests and make themselves irresistible to employers. She will emphasize the importance of knowing one’s strengths and the industry. She will also provide candidates with tips for how they can position themselves in a manner that undeniably reflects their true value. Finally, Ms. Vell will cover the fundamentals of researching financials and the many nuts and bolts of the final step-the "dollar talk" negotiation parameters.

Depending on your preference and needs, Vell’s presentations range from 30 minutes to two hours.

Vell Executive Search is a certified WBE by NWBOC and SOMWBA.