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Executive Search

All consultants at Vell have been recruiting boards, CEOs and C-level executives in the software industry for at least a decade or two each.

Drawing on a strategic combination of operational and technical background, Vell has the experience and insights to quickly understand the unique needs of companies more quickly than generalist search firms. We not only help your company find the right candidates, we also excite them about the opportunity and assess them for a skills and cultural match.

Backed by deep knowledge of the technology industry talent pool and proprietary recruiting methods, Vell Executive Search is changing the way companies search for C-level execs and board directors.

Our High-Touch Model

At Vell, search and selection is based on a high touch client model, which includes in-depth interviews with the client team, consensus-building, as well as regular weekly updates and calibration. We also use a core competency/scorecard-based model for searches, and behavioral interviewing methods and deep reference checking processes to determine the best match for your firm.

CEO Search & Selection

Vell has deep industry experience in working with company boards to deliver timely and effective solutions in the face of CEO vacancies, whether sudden or planned. At Vell, we move to quickly fill the void, but not at the expense of making the right match. That’s because we understand that CEO failures and turnover rates are increasing. Our proprietary recruiting processes help ensure success, which is increasingly important with consumers, the media and shareholders watching.

C- Level Search & Selection

Vell Executive Search Consultants have been building senior executive teams for software companies for decades. More than software industry specialists, our Search Consultants are client-focused, responsive, high-touch and focused on one thing: finding the right senior executives for your company. You can think of Vell as a strategic partner and trusted advisor because your success is our success.

Vell Executive Search is a certified WBE by NWBOC and SOMWBA.