Vell Executive Search

Executive Search

Executive Search Process

1. Management Review

  • Interview company executives about the opportunity, including business models, customers, competition, culture, the role, and the search.

2. Search Strategy, Position Specification and Scorecard

  • Gain thorough working knowledge of client’s position in the industry through discussions, analyst reports, and internal documents.
  • Create a search strategy document outlining possible sources of candidates for discussion with client.
  • Finalize position specification and scorecard.

3. Strategic Market Identification of Candidates

  • Identify prospects and sources in Vell database.
  • Mine external databases, subscribed and public, and other sources such as conferences, industry events, and target companies.
  • Circulate position specification/scorecard to extensive list of industry contacts.

4. Marketing the Search

  • Execute e-mail campaign to extensive targeted list of contacts.
  • Leverage social networks.
  • Aggressively call target list of candidates.

5. Candidate Screening and Evaluation

  • Review candidate pipeline weekly to calibrate the search with the client.
  • Behavioral interview of selected candidates and assessment against core competencies.

6. Presentation of Shortlist to Client

7. Reference Checking and Offer Presentation

  • Reference checking includes lengthy, confidential conversations with at least six executives. We also conduct blind reference checks.
  • Our reference report includes recommendations for supporting the executive.
  • We help formulate an appropriate compensation package and act as a middleman in the negotiation.

8. Follow-Up

  • We stay in touch with the client and the placement to provide assistance if necessary.

For a graphical view of the search process click here.

Vell Executive Search is a certified WBE by NWBOC and SOMWBA.